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Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Booking

How do I make a booking?

The simplest way to book your hostel stay is to use the ‘Book Now’ button. Select your desired accommodations and follow directions to complete your reservation.

We understand how important it is to be sure of your accommodation before you leave home, and recommend advance booking during high season. With our website booking engine you can book your accommodation several months in advance. Book online here or at contact the hostel via phone or at reserve@L-hostels.com.

I’ve tried to book online, but no bed/room is available – what should I do?

You can book online 24 hrs but, the best thing to do is contact the hostel directly so they can confirm their most current availability.

What is the latest time before arrival that I can book online?

Based on availability, you can walk-in and get a room at the front desk.

Group Booking

For groups of 10 or more people, you must or contact the hostel direct or fill out the inquiry form online from the groups page. Please note: multiple bookings for up to 9 people to achieve your group number will be rejected by the hostel.

How can I find out the costs before I make a booking?

This is very easy. Click the ‘Book Now’ button, enter the required dates and exact number of guest in your party (to a maximum of 9 people), click the 'book' button to return price information and confirm availability. Please note: no reservation has been made at this stage and the accommodation will not be held for you. If you wish to proceed with the booking, please follow the instructions on screen.

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Amending a booking

Can I amend my booking?

No. Changes to bookings cannot be made on this website. You should contact the hostel direct (see above) – any amendment is at the hostel’s discretion (see Booking Terms & Conditions for full details).

I’ve booked the wrong type of room – can I change my booking?

No. Changes to bookings cannot be made on this website. You should contact the hostel direct (see hostel page for contact details) – any amendment is at the hostel’s discretion. If you booked cancellingyt

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Canceling a booking

Can I cancel my booking?

Yes. You can do this online or by contacting the hostel direct (see phone numbers above). Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice(72 on holidays) are subject to cancellation charges – see the Booking Terms & Conditions for full details. Cancellation charges will be charged to the credit card used to make the booking.

If I cancel my booking, will I get a refund?

No. The deposit and booking fee are non-refundable If you purchased the cancellation protection through hostel world, then you would contact them directly.

Booking queries

If you have specific queries about your bookings, please email the reservations team at reserve@l-hostels.com.

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Length of Stay

Is there a maximum number of nights that I can book?

L-Hostel has a maximum of 14 days. If your desired stay exceeds the maximum permitted by L Hostels New York City, you must leave for at least one week before being allowed to make a reservation again. You are strongly advised not to make multiple bookings as they may be refused by L Hostels New York City.

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Types of accommodation you can book at L Hostels

Can I book a private room?

L-Hostels offers private rooms of all different shapes and sizes. We have private rooms with and without bathrooms and even rooftop suites with private balconies.

Will dormitories be mixed or single-sex?

This varies from what is available at the time of booking. If there is a choice of single- or mixed-sexed dormitory accommodation available for the dates you have chosen, this will be shown during the booking process.

What is the difference between a en-suite and a open area dormitory?

En-suite includes a private bathroom. Open area rooms are accessible by other people you share common doors and bathrooms.

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Cards and Payments

What currency will my credit card be charged in and when will I be charged?

Your credit card will be charged in the currency you selected at the time of booking. The amount will be charged to your account within 7 working days.

What will I be charged when I make an online booking?

Only 10% of the total cost of your booking + a small booking fee will be charged to your card immediately, in the currency you selected. The remaining 90% of your booking cost must be paid in the currency of the hostel on arrival. (See Booking Terms & Conditions for full details).

What types of card can I use on l-hostels.com?

You can make bookings online using either a Visa or Mastercard credit card, or a Visa Electron or Visa Delta debit card. Unfortunately we are currently unable to accept Maestro or Switch cards.

Do I need to have the same name on the credit card as on the booking?

If you do not have a credit card, but have a friend or family member who will let you book using their card, authorisation of the cardholder must be obtained. Please remember, that if you fail to turn up at the hostel and do not cancel at least 24 hours in advance, then the applicable cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card (see Booking Terms & Conditions for full details).

How can I identify l-hostels.com transactions on my credit card statement?

All payments paid to L-Hostels.com will be identified as follows: “L-Hostels INC.”

How can I make a booking if I do not have a credit or debit card?

No problem - book in person at our front desk. You can pay in various ways (for example, cash, travel check, debit or credit card). You will be asked to pay the balance on arrival at the hostel – this is all detailed on your booking receipt.

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Proof of Booking

Do I need a receipt for my deposit? A receipt will be sent to the email address given when making your booking. If you are unable to print this out, or access the email account to which it was sent, please login in to ‘My Bookings/Cancellations’ and make a note of your unique booking reference number. This will help speed things up on arrival at the hostel.

What do I need to take to the hostel?

If you can, print out your receipt and take it with you. If you are unable to print it or access the email account to which it was sent, please login to ‘My Bookings/Cancellations’ and make a note of your unique booking reference number.

I did not receive a booking receipt via email – what should I do?

Some email spam filters may inadvertently redirect your booking receipts to the ‘junk’ folder – please check this folder. Alternatively, you may have entered an incorrect email address. Please login to ‘your account on hostelworld.com. and contact L Hostels directly to confirm email address on file.

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Website Security

Is your website secure?

We obey the latest industry guidelines and regulations and do not store your details. Our system has been certified by Security Metrics and Thawte. Please read Card Payment Security and Privacy Policy for full details.


Do you provide visa support?

No. Documentation for visa purposes is NOT provided through L Hostels New York City, or Hostelworld.com– this is purely a hostel booking system.

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Bedrooms and bedding

Will I have to sleep in a big dormitory?

We offer a range of four, six, eight, ten, fourteen, & eighteen-bedded rooms - please check when booking.

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Linen, blankets and towels are all included when booking at L-Hostels. We ask you do not bring your own linen or sleeping bags. Please be advised if found in the facility these items will be confiscated. Guest may be subject to additional fees and belongings will only be returned upon check-out.

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Meals and Cooking

Can I do my own cooking?

Our kitchen provides a small selection of cooking supplies and utensils, and you are allowed to cook as much as you please in the kitchen. We also offer shelving and labels for your cooking supplies and etc.


Can I smoke at L Hostels New York City?

L Hostels does provide designated areas for smoking such as the rooftop & courtyard area.

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Other facilities

What kind of facilities can I expect in a L Hostels?

For detailed information please check the amenities page. Most rooms are fitted with bunk beds, and sleep two-ten people. Bedding is provided.  You can also expect to find facilities such as a TV room, library, common room, and internet access.

Do I need to bring my own towels?

Towels are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own towel .

Is there somewhere safe I can leave my possessions?

Our hostel provides lockers for your possessions. You may need to provide your own padlock or buy one at the front desk.

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Are trips or activities organized at hostels?

We offer a wide range of activities - from city tours to ice skating! You can find a calendar of events and activities on our tours tab of the website.

Who uses hostels

What kind of people use L Hostels New York City? L Hostels New York City welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, origins and interests - first-time travelers, seasoned travelers, lone travelers or people in groups all find a warm welcome at a L Hostels.

Ages & Children

What age do I have to be to stay in L Hostels New York City?
L Hostels New York City are open to everyone. However age limits may apply for children in some places. L-Hostels requires any one under the age of 18 to be accompanied by an adultor provide an authorization letter from a parent or .
I am traveling with young children – should I book beds for them?

You should book beds for each person in your party. Please note that many hostels cannot accept young children in dormitories..

Can children stay at L Hostels New York City?

Children are welcome to stay at L Hostels New York City, and should be accompanied by an adult. Please be aware that unaccompanied minors are not allowed to stay in dormitories (only with group bookings), and can therefore only stay in hostels where a private room is available and booked in advance (please check when booking).

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Can I bring my pet when I stay at L Hostels New York City?
No pets are allowed on the L-Hostel premises.
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Other General FAQ

Employment opportunities

How can I find out about employment opportunities with L-Hostels New York City? If you are interested in working in a L Hostels, you should can apply for a internship with us at our recruitment page.


Terms & Conditions

Please be informed that the balance due does not include tax.
The tax in NYC is 14.75%

Thank you for booking at L Hostels. We look forward to meeting you. If you need any further assistance before you come to L hostels or even during your stay please contact us.

*Check-in begins any time after 4pm. If you arrive early you may store your luggage in our locker area
*Please keep in mind although you book a specific room type when reserving for parties of 2 or more there is a possibility everyone may not be in the same room. We try our best to accommodate everyone together so you can better enjoy your Hostel Experience.
* Towels are provided and must be returned to front desk at check-out time. If you fail to do so, there will be $10 fee.
*Cancellations must be notified directly to us at least 48 hours prior to arrival..72hrs during Holidays
*In the event of a No Show or Same Day Cancellation, your card will be charged for the first nights accommodation total.

We want all of our guests to feel welcomed and comfortable at the L Hostel which includes fitting into our neighborhood. We want our Neighbors to be comfortable with all of you as well. You can help us with this by not hanging out on the front steps, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, please do not sit on any stairs of any building on 118th street. These stairs are private property and please show our Neighbors respect. Also please give others room on the sidewalk going down the street and in front of the hostel. Please join in a Harlem tradition by saying Good Morning, Good afternoon, to people as you walk down our street. Also, noise at the hostel needs to never interfere with our immediate neighbors, we recommend always to use our rooftop deck, which is amazing as a place to hang out outside and this will not bother any neighbors. Thanks for staying with L Hostels and we hope you enjoy Harlem as much as we do!

***************Thank you for choosing L Hostels***************

L-Hostel will provide you with a clean towel. Please return towels at check-out time. If Towel is not returned, $10 fee.-Make sure to be in the room and bed assigned at check in. To change beds, contact Front Desk. If you’re found in another bed, a (1) night charge fee will be billed to your credit card. !No Sleeping Bags Allowed in the Dorms! $25 Fee if confiscated from Room -No eating or food storage in rooms. There will be a $25 fee for any abuse to the room. -Always have your receipt and key with you. L-Hostel is a Drug Free & Alcohol Free Facility. -We decline any responsibility for belongings left in your room or common areas, for damage or theft. Thank You for Your Cooperation. Please Remember Check Out is @ 11am [No Refunds for Early Departure].

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